Developer’s Prompt

I dont know why every unix like systems coming with bash prompt like “irfan@mycomputer $”. May be this cool for system administrators but not useful for a developer who working with git or svn. I know many “unix like system lover” developers working with svn or git. I dont know which revision management system populer on windows. Actually I dont care them :) Anyway, lets turn to our business.


  • Perceptively showing the directory path in prompt
  • Colorized prompt
  • Showing branch name in prompt
  • Supporting git or svn projects

Version and development

: A unix like system like Mac OS X, Linux or BSD
Latest Version
: 0.3b


: Developer’s Prompt on Github
All versions
: Check current or old versions

How to Use

I am using bash and tested only in bash. I have not tested it other shell’s like sh, ksh, csh, tcsh. But I think it should work well. Please let me know if you have test opportunity in other shell’s.

Clone on Github or download developers-prompt.tar.gz file. You’ll find the file in the package. If you’re using bash and dont have .bashrc file on your home directory then just copy the as .bashrc to your home directory. You’ll have the pretty nice prompt after reopen your terminal.

If you already have .bashrc file in your home directory then open the file and copy from second line to end of the file. After that open the .bashrc file and paste to end of file.


After use the developer’s prompt your prompt gonna appear like in the screenshots.

Change Logs


  • Fixed an important bug


  • Color support
  • Git branch name support
  • Svn branch name started to support


  • Supporting shorting the directory path.
  • Writed for my own usage.